What is Zegna intelligent dimming glass?

Zegna Intelligent Dimming Glass is a magical photoelectric glass with changeable glass transparency. It has two states: transparent on electricity and opaque off power.

Widely used in office, banking, medical institutions, shopping malls, window, family residential and other places, can be used as "curtain", "partition wall", "projection curtain" and so on.

  • Partition space

    Breaking the fixed spatial pattern makes the environment rich and varied, and the exclusive space is created by heart.

  • Protect privacy

    There is no need to use old curtains to hide peeping eyes. The opaque state is created to protect privacy.

  • Projection screen

    Not only is a piece of glass, but also can be used as a projection screen, allowing you to work anywhere and anytime.

  • High security

    It has good anti knock strength and prevents debris from splashing after breaking.

  • Environmental protection characteristics

    Obstructing more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and 98% of infrared rays.

The application field of Zegna intelligent dimming glass

Intelligent dimming glass is widely used in office meetings, villas / clubs, Hotel bathrooms, sunshine rooms, banks, airports / high-speed rail, projection touch screen, RV / car, ticket office, hospitals / observation rooms, yachts, curtain wall advertising and other places.

  • Hotel bathroom

    Apply to the hotel, in the dark to increase the interest and fun of life, create an elegant and romantic atmosphere, as you like to adjust the light, really do "light move with me"

  • Business office partition

    It gives you an easy control space. It can improve corporate image, security and confidentiality, and create an elegant business atmosphere.

  • medical institution

    Open and secret function, can be used to require aseptic operation of intensive care unit, operating room inspection window, both to avoid the use of curtains caused by bacterial contamination and to avoid the...

  • Banking finance

    The application in banking and financial institutions is not only more convenient in peacetime operation, but also makes the criminals lose their targets instantly and protects their personal and property safety ...y.

  • Villa home

    The design takes simplicity as the best, light and shadow as the eternal theme, personalized decorative elements point out the taste space, cold and warm light and shadow to the space with life-like temperature. And it makes a ...

  • Projection touch screen

    Zegna dimming glass has opened up a new field of projection, providing 140 degrees of ultra wide angle of view, with the use of high-definition projectors, can show rich and delicate colors, quite shocking high-definition picture.

  • Shop window

    Convenient control, economical power and time-saving, low operating costs, to the window display cabinet products bring different results, high-grade and mysterious, improve product safety. .

  • Curtain Wall Sunshine Room

    With good lighting function and eye-shading function, and UV blocking more than 98%, the infrared part of the blocking 70%, but also through gradual control of the transparency of the dimming window film, so that indoor light is soft...

Company introduction

    Zenia Energy Saving Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2015, is located in Tianjin Xiqing District Zhangjiawo Town East Ryucheng Industrial Park. It is a high-tech modern intelligent glass enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales. The company takes "scientific and technological innovation, win-win cooperation, integrity and efficiency, first-class service" as the service concept, and hopes to lead everyone to the future high-end fashion through our professional level and unremitting efforts! Formerly Tianjin Jinling Glass Decoration Service Department, founded in 1988, the company's sponsor Mr. Gao Guojie from a tricycle, a diamond knife, a glass-cut wooden table, began a difficult entrepreneurial process, after continuous progress, has been more than 20 years of development history, for many years in good faith in the company. In the process of refinement, development and innovation, we are constantly developing and expanding. In 2006, the company won the trust of Taibo Group and was awarded the general agent of Taibo Group in Tianjin. After more than 20 years, our company has successfully transformed into a leading fashion, leading to high-end smart glass Zegna Energy-saving Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. The company mainly engaged in LED smart glass, hollow built-in louver glass, one-way perspective glass, ultra-white laser engraved glass, electrical tinting light glass series products, Smart Magic mirror, smart LED bathroom lamp mirror, smart dimming glass application system design and overall implementation project. We will continue to take the road of differentiation, turn ordinary into extraordinary, and make extraordinary to the extreme. This is the future road of energy-saving technology in Zenia. Zegna technology insists on changing the way of thinking and changing life.




Why do we all choose Zegna glass?

  • Specific technology

    Haze 5%, transmittance 81% Leading international supplier Leading American experts More than forty national patents

  • Comparison standard

    The world's first dimmable glass industry standard ISO9001 dimming glass CCC certification EU CE certification RoHS certification

  • Specific mass

    Dimming glass for more than ten years without fault. Manufacturing process of aviation laminated glass No shrink edge, bubble, glue.

  • Scale

    Million square meters modern production base 100 level one hundred thousand grade purification workshop

  • Sales volume

    One of the four mainstream suppliers in the world Dimming film production world second

  • Focus dimming glass

    Eleven years of industry

  • More than 5000 projects.

    200 thousand square meters successful experience

  • Complete product category

    Varieties are more colorful and more secure.

  • Twenty-four fine processing

    Millions of harsh tests

  • Leading service network

    Coverage of global integration services

Construction case display

  • Zegna dimming glass Shenyang enterprise Plaza Project
  • Zegna dimming glass applied to Baigou Rui Meihua Internation
  • Zegna dimming glass Hubei Wuhan oval conference room project
  • Zegna dimming glass Liaoning Shenyang office partition proje
  • Zegna dimming glass 125 broken bridge new product display
  • Zegna dimming glass Beijing office partition project
  • Zegna dimming glass Beijing Poly International Project
  • Zegna - State Grid Tianjin electric power company command

Perfect after-sale service

Not only to provide reliable and stable products, but also to provide perfect after-sales service, we can achieve faster, better!

  • Fast response

    All weather 24 hours to answer your call, any question, within 24 hours of telephone support!

  • Rapid reaction

    Within 48 hours, technicians will provide technical services at the scene.

  • Technical training

    Provide training on Zegna glass storage, transportation, installation, commissioning and use matters needing...

  • Consulting service

    Answer all kinds of questions about Zernia film, Zernia glass products and applications, and provide detailed information in both Chinese and English.